The Used Cars Dealer Where You Can Purchase a Sturdy Ford

Affordable Used Cars Dealer in Edgewood, MD

HGK Motors LLC is a used car dealership that offers numerous different vehicles at reasonable and competitive prices. Based in Edgewood, MD, we are the used cars dealer that will have the auto you have set out to find. Our experienced employees are very knowledgeable on the subject of automobiles and will answer any and all questions you might have for them. Contact us today!

Each of our used Ford cars is in excellent condition and is sold at a price that suits its performance, mileage, and quality. Fords are more than just vehicles – they are one of the embodiments of the American dream, the American make, and the American way. As a reputable used cars dealer, we maintain a wide selection of Ford vehicles and are sure to have the one you need. Whether you are buying your kid his or her first car or you want to purchase a vehicle that you can use on the ranch, we are the right used cars dealer for your situation.

Licensed, operating at affordable rates, and providing discounts to new clients, HGK Motors LLC is the ideal choice for anyone who is looking for an old but reliable set of wheels. We double and triple-check to make sure our vehicles are in the pristine condition we are marketing them to our clients, and that makes us the preferred choice for many locals. In addition to Ford vehicles, we also sell Toyota, Honda, and other makes. Whether you want to visit us directly or you wish to book an appointment, we will accommodate your needs.

If you are in Edgewood, MD, and you want to turn to a reputable used car dealer, choose our company. We will surprise you with a flawless customer service and a rich variety of vehicles for your consideration. Make sure you are choosing the right dealership, and contact us at (410) 671-7293 to book an appointment or to get more information about our offers!

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